Workout routines for all levels

Here you will find dozens of workout routines for your specific fitness level. These have been gathered from the most popular and well-known calisthenics communities and personalities around the world, like Al KavadloCalisthenics Kingz, Barstarzz, Bar Brothers, and Madbarz.

Note: the repetition numbers and rest periods for all of these workouts are not set in stone, but are simply used a guideline. You may find a particular workout too difficult or too easy. If that’s the case, either play around with the number of repetitions and the duration of your rest period, or try a different workout routine.

The variety of workout routines for calisthenics is truly infinite. You can combine different exercises with different numbers of repetitions, sets, rest periods, exercise variations, and so on. This way you can always keep your workouts fun and challenging. Also, never forget that you’re free to build your own workout routines.

I would advise you to switch up your routines every couple of weeks or months to get a more wholesome workout that targets different muscles in different ways.

Complete Beginner Routines

These routines are for those that are completely new to fitness and calisthenics, and struggle to do push-ups, pull-ups, and dips.

Advanced Beginner Routines

These routines are for those that can do several push-ups, parallel-bar dips and pull-ups.

Intermediate Routines

These routines are for those that have been doing calisthenics or other workouts for a couple of months to over a year. This is my personal level at the moment (working out for about a year).

Advanced Routines

These routines are for the real masters of calisthenics. This is where I want to be (and hopefully you as well!)