Need some motivation to get off your couch today? Here are some crazy bodyweight exercises that only calisthenics experts can pull off. It takes years to get to this level, but it’s worth it. This stuff looks impossible!

The Human Flag

The human flag is one of the coolest-looking feats of strength out there

This is the most popular advanced calisthenics move, because it looks absolutely gravity-defying. You need a ridiculous amount of upper-body strength to hold your body parallel to the ground. The Flag requires immense ab, back, and arm strength. The Guinness world record holder for the human flag can hold this position for over a minute.

Full Planche Push-up

Planche push-ups defy gravity

Push-ups are a nice exercise…but how about doing them with your legs entirely off the ground, supported ONLY by your hands? This move not only takes insane arm strength, but also really good balancing.

One Arm Planche

One arm planche stand - not for the weak!

This move supports your entire bodyweight with only one arm on the floor. This requires insane strength and balancing.

Front Lever

The front lever really tests your ab strength

The Front Lever is another difficult, impressive exercise that defies gravity. Similar to the Human Flag, you use primarily your abs and back to hold yourself in a perfectly horizontal position.

Planche Dips

Planche dips are very difficult to do

This is arguably the hardest dip variation there is. These dips are done on parallel bars in the planche position.

To close off, here is a motivational video to keep you going. This is Frank Medrano, one of the most well-known calisthenics athletes in the world.

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