The intermediate or medium level is for those that have been pursuing calisthenics for several months to more than a year, or are already in good shape from other forms of exercise. Intermediate exercises build on the foundation from the beginner level with higher reps, less rest time, and more difficult variations.

Calisthenics Kingz Intermediate Program

This is one of my favorite intermediate routines because of its simplicity and effectiveness. I personally followed this routine for over half a year, until I was able to do the full reps for 2 cycles. I also switched up variations for all 3 exercises because I followed this routine for so long. For example, after a couple of months I started doing differerent variations of push-ups for every set – first doing diamond push-ups, then clap push-ups, then wide, then normal.

  • 4 sets of 8-10 pull-ups
  • 4 sets of 8-10 dips
  • 4 sets of 8-10 push ups

Rest: 20 sec between each set, 2 minutes between cycles.

Cycles: 2 (total 8 sets of each exercise)

Muscle Up Hunt Workout

Madbarz Muscle up workout - use this routine to work up to doing full muscle- ups

This is an excellent upper body workout that will prepare you for one of the signature advanced calisthenics moves – the Muscle Up. Muscle Ups require a lot of upper body strength and are a real testament to how far you’ve progressed with calisthenics. This workout is all about training your arms and chest for that explosive strength required to complete full muscle-ups.

Rest: minimal between exercises, 2 min. between cycles

Cycles: 3

 Baristi Intermediate Workout

This is another workout that I personally performed for a couple months. This is a truly all-body workout that works not just the upper but also lower body. Note: the intermediate workout is in the second half of the video.

  • 10 Pull-ups
  • 20 push-ups
  • 15 hanging Knee Raises
  • 10 inverted Rows
  • 10 parallel bar dips
  • 20 Jumping squats

Rest: minimal between exercises, 90 seconds between cycles.

Cycles: 3-5

 Frank Medrano’s Killer Abs

Frank Medrano's killer abs workout routine - get your abs burning for a great ab/cardio workout

Killer Abs routine

This is a workout routine by Frank Medrano, a well-known calisthenics athlete and vegetarian. I personally followed this routine for a couple months, and it always left me exhausted. This routine is excellent not just for working your abs, but also for getting a great cardiovascular workout.

  • 15 crossed leg-raises
  • 15 half burpees
  • 15 raised leg touches
  • 15 half burpees
  • 15 right side oblique crunches
  • 15 left side oblique crunches
  • 15 half burpees

Rest: minimal between exercises, 3 min. between cycles.

Cycles: 3 or more